Hot Lunches

Hot Lunches Available: January - March

Here are the January to March Hot Lunch dates for your reference. Please order all Hot Lunches through your child's online account which can be found in your Parent Portal or under the Online Payments link. Please note: no cash will be taken at any time for a Hot Lunch order. Thanks for your understanding.


January February March
Jan 13: Hot Dogs Feb 17: Boston Pizza Mar 3: Booster Juice
Jan 27: Extreme Pita   Mar 31: Hot Dogs


Hot Lunch Order Deadlines

The 2022/2023 Hot Lunch Order Deadlines are all listed in the list below, as well as being posted on the school website calendar. The order deadline is 11:59 p.m. on the date listed. Due to the nature of the ordering process, the deadlines need to be strictly adhered to.

Monthly Order Deadlines: 11:59 p.m. on each date listed

September: Sept 7 January: Dec 21 April: Apr 5
October: Oct 5 February: Jan 25 May: May 3
November: Oct 26 March: Feb 15 June: May 24
December: Nov 23