Opening Day FAQ's |

Opening Day FAQ's

Beacon Hill Elementary School Start Up: Frequently Asked Questions

What important contact information will we need for BHES?

     Principal: Trevor Sanche – 403-896-4584

     Vice Principal: Suzanne Thibault  -

     Office Administrative support:  Adrienne Booth /  Jolene Jamieson

     BHES website:

     BHES phone number: 403-887-8455

Will there be changes to the daily schedule at BHES?

Yes… there will be minor changes. We will have a 10 period schedule that will have 5 periods in the morning and 5 periods in the afternoon. Our first class in the morning will begin at 8:40 and the day will end at 3:05. Lunch will consist of a 35 minute break (11:40-12:15).

Will bus Routes and Times change?

Yes… Shuttle routes (Blue/Green and Orange) will no longer exist – no need. They will no longer need to have their blue, green or orange bus passes.

No… year-round bus routes and times will remain the same. Buses will leave BHES at approximately 3:15 in the afternoon.

Where will parents be expected to park or drop off/pick up before and after school?

Our one bus will park on Brookstone drive. Only the Handibus will enter the parking loop. The loop at the front of the school has designated 15 minute pick up and drop off zones. There will also be a parent and visitor parking area within the parking lot. Parents may park on Brookstone Drive, with the exception of the marked bus lane.

What time in the morning should I drop off my child for school?

Students will be expected to wait outside at their designated entry until the first bell rings at 8:35. We will not have supervision outside until 8:20. Please do not drop off children until our supervisors are outside. In the winter we will follow the Chinook’s Edge Administrative Policy, that states that at -20C students will be allowed into the school to escape the cold.  They will be allowed to stand in their designated boot room. Please ensure that your children are always dressed appropriately for the weather.

What will happen on the first day of school (November 15)?                                                                    

All students will meet their teacher and classmates in the gymnasium on the morning of Tuesday, November 15, at 8:35. Students will be taken from the gym by their teacher to their new classroom. Students will participate in a ‘Welcome to BHES’ assembly during their first day.

What do I do if my child is absent from school?

Please phone the school (403-887-8455)if your child will be absent. The school will phone home for all unexcused student absences. Even on inclement weather days we will expect that parents will notify our office that students will not be attending.

Will BHES have a Hot Lunch and Breakfast program for the students?

BHES will have both a hot lunch and breakfast program starting in December. The hot lunch program, which will be ordered online,  will be organized by members of our BHES parent group. Most hot lunches will be available on Fridays.

Our breakfast program will be organized by members of our staff and will be part of our grade five leadership program.

Will BHES be Peanut and Nut free?

BHES will have peanut and nut safe classrooms if necessary. If there is a known allergy, sensitivity or concern about peanuts and/or nuts we will expect that classroom to be peanut and nut safe. Students and families will be made aware of the situation and we will ask that no peanuts or nuts be brought to that classroom.****This Policy is currently being reviewed. Parents will be notified of changes.************

Will the students have lockers and do they need a lock?

Some of the classes on the main floor will have lockers and other classes will have cubbies in their classrooms.  All of the grade four and five classes on the second floor will have lockers.  Grade four and five students will be expected to bring a combination lock (no keyed locks) to place on their locker. A general rule will be: If students bring electronic devices to school they must have a lock on their locker.

All lock combinations will be recorded by your child’s teacher.